Building a Valuation Framework for your Organization

Are you looking to optimize your orgnization’s value and ability to be acquired with key partner relationships?

Join the conversation as we invite Bob Barker, Expert Coach, and Founder of 20/20 Outlook as he shares some insight,  thought leadership and a “valuation framework” for how your organization can be acquired at the best price. Established businesses sometimes hit a plateau. Though the CEO has a vision for growth, translating it into clear, well-supported strategies can be challenging. Bob Barker has a passion for helping CEO’s achieve their vision for their enterprise by creating breakout strategies that lead to exceptional execution.

Radio Show Guest

Bob Barker
CEO and Founder of 20/20 Outlook

A rare combination of C level experience both in large public companies as well as startups provides unique insights. Over a 30-year period, Bob has negotiated and implemented multiple partnerships with major industry players, resulting in new products that drove multi-million dollar increases in revenue. Bob has also led multiple acquisitions for a large company. As Entrepreneur in Residence for an early stage venture firm, Bob’s evaluations led to investments in emerging technology companies and more recently, Bob has guided product direction and technical partnership efforts for a billion-dollar software company, driving revenue and mindshare for a portfolio of >100 products in 7 families with $700M in annual product revenue.

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