Making Personal Integrity and Reliability a Winning Factor

Are you looking to make a difference with personal accountability and reliability?

Join the conversation as we invite Jim Bledsoe, Seasoned Executive and Business Leader as he shares some insight and thought leadership for how make a difference with personal integrity and reliability.

Radio Show Guest

Jim Bledsoe,
Seasoned Executive and Busines Leader

Given his career as an executive at FedEx and Pulte Homes, he enjoys being able to identify commonalities and putting people and teams together, happiest when he is providing help and value beyond the expected. Through his role as partner in two firms, LGE Execs and Tribuo Solutions, Jim is able to step into a wide variety of interim executive roles with both early stage companies as well as mature, Fortune 500 firms. While classifying himself as a generalist, others tend to paint him with the brush of supply chain, operations and business development specialist. He is equated with logistics. Two current initiatives with which he is involved are clean tech and renewable energy.
Jim serves on two advisory boards, (consumer electronics firm and a green-build firm) and is a coach and mentor, dedicated to development of young students, leaders and professionals. He also believes strongly in giving back, as evidenced by his deep involvement in charitable organizations like March of Dimes and ALS.
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