Profit is not a Dirty Word

Are you looking to create sustainable shareholder value with a purpose for greater giving?

Capitalism in it’s highest/best form is about more than short-term profits. Along the way we may miss the context of building enduring value for shareholders while building enduring value for All of the stakeholders.
Join the conversation as we invite Sunny Vanderbeck, Managing Partner of Satori Capital as he shares some insight, thought leadership and best practices for how to build organizations with sustainable business practices that are better managed, more innovative, less risky and better positioned to deliver superior performance over the long-term with greater giving.

About the Guest

Sunny Vanderbeck has a track record of high achievement in all of his endeavors, including as an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, board member, and military leader. Prior to co-founding Satori Capital, Mr. Vanderbeck co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Data Return, a leading provider of managed services and utility computing. As CEO for eleven years, Mr. Vanderbeck led the company through all phases of growth and transformation. The company sustained 40% quarter-over-quarter growth and reached $50 million in revenue after only three years.
With such rapid growth, an impressive customer base, and an innovative and capital-efficient business model, the company attracted strategic investments from Compaq, Level 3, and Microsoft. After a successful IPO, the company achieved a market capitalization in excess of $3 billion, and Mr. Vanderbeck was one of the youngest CEOs ever to lead a NASDAQ company.

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