Surviving and Thriving a Start-Up Venture

Are you looking for a time-tested, real-world and validated formula for Surviving and Thriving a Start-up Venture?

Join the conversation as we invite Michael Sattler, Founder of The Survival Key as he shares some insight, thought leadership and best practices for how to create and build an innovative company and be the number one source of survival and preparedness information.

About the Guest

Although Mike is the Founder and CEO of the company, you won’t find “CEO” on his business card – just the words “The Waterboy,” evidencing his deep beliefs and dedication to family and the improvement of the human condition. With over 25 years of experience as a visionary “pick-up-your-bootstraps-entrepreneur,” he brings a lot of strategic planning, business development, and leadership skills to the table. From internet marketing to data communication businesses, he has launched or helped with the startup of over 17 companies

Mike has negotiated international joint ventures with emerging, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies like Remco Industries International, Kroll, AT&T, Verizon Business, Debix, American Express, Dun & Bradstreet,, MCI, Cisco, and Citi Bank. Several of these businesses are highlighted below. His most recent startup was 3Seventy (early 2009), a leading provider of mobile customer relationship management (MCRM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

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