Six Reasons People Don’t Do What You Expect

Are you looking for a time-tested, real-world and validated formula for Leading and Managing for Growth?

Join the conversation as we invite Brad Armstrong, CEO and Founder of Blue Whale Moving and Humpback Junk Removal as he shares some insight, thought leadership and best practices for how to evaluate and manage behavior against expectations in order to diagnose specific gaps in performance. The key six factors:

  1. Communication
  2. Training
  3. Tools and Resources
  4. Recruiting
  5. Intentions
  6. Motivation

Factors 1-5 contribute 20% of the equation for high-performance and factor #6 contributes 80% of the equation for high-performance.

A Best Practice:

Brad shared a simple but powerful framework to help lead and motivate your team. Ask your team to write down and know their top 5 for each of the following:

  1. Have – what do they want to have @ work and beyond
  2. Do – What do they want to do @ work and beyond
  3. Become – What do they want to become @ work and beyond
  4. Share – What do they ant share @ work and beyond

Try this exercise with your family or kids before you dive in without a professional coach to help you at the office because this may be hard for some if they have never gone deep and wide in work relationships.

About the Guest:

Brad Armstrong’s presentations are practical, philosophical and very amusing as he shares his experiences and insights as a business advisor, executive coach, attorney and successful entrepreneur with groups of 10 to 1000. His warm, witty, confident, and spontaneous style invites audience involvement as he speaks to topics such as: leadership, vision, ethics, integrity, and professional development.

Utilizing his trademarked 1-on-1 Coaching in a Crowd® technique, Brad draws his audiences into the conversation and employs this technique to elicit extraordinary questions as teaching opportunities. No Kumbaya or Group Hugs Allowed…

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