The Affordable Care Act and Your Business

Are you looking to grow your organization while implementing the Affordable Care Act?

Join the conversation as we invite Dr. Tony Dale entrepreneur, Founder of as he shares some insight and thought leadership for how to help individuals, families, businesses and churches successfully navigate this maze together.

Radio Show Guest

Dr. Tony Dale
Founder and CEO at

Dr. Dale spent many years as a family physician and as a missionary, and understands the challenges that are encountered by Christians in an insurance-led health care world. In 1996, he founded The Karis Group, Inc., to negotiate costs incurred to members of Christian Sharing Organizations. That company has now expanded and works with thousands of members of many various organizations, employer groups and insurance companies. The Health Co-Op was the natural outgrowth of his concern to provide the best for the Christian public and provides a comprehensive, yet easily affordable, approach to dealing with health care costs, one of the greatest challenges facing our nation.

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