Pioneer Leadership

Are you looking to be a “pioneer leader” or a “pioneering organization” with a purpose for greater giving?

Join the conversation as we invite Barry George, Founder and Coach with Impact Ventures as he shares some insight, thought leadership and best practices for how traditional leadership concepts are being challenged by dramatic changes to global economics and new demands of the workforce.

Demographics for our current and emerging workforce have been shaped to a large degree by the global economic changes over the last 20 years. Leaders must cope with the differences of Baby Boomers and GenX. In addition to pioneer leadership having a framework for these three generations in the workplace for the purposes of business growth, pioneer leaders must reach forward into the next two generations, GenZ and GenAlpha, to prepare them for a future world that is promising nothing but uncertainty. Finally, it’s time to discuss if leadership is attained or should it be distributed through all generations. Leadership may be the one resource for which there is no substitute.

About the Author

Barry George is a transformational leader with a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit and the resourcefulness necessary to unlock an individual and organization’s potential and achieve new levels of success. Mr. George has a history of revamping organizations for growth into new and existing markets, product lines, and strategic opportunities resulting in revenue, profitability and growth and increased shareholder value.

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